Villanova Department of Computing Sciences

Living In the KnowlEdge Society (LIKES)

The Living In the KnowlEdge Society (LIKES) Community Building project, led by four sites (Virginia Tech, Villanova University, North Carolina A&T, and Santa Clara University), is transforming computing education for the 21st Century thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation. The LIKES community, in collaboration with those from other disciplines, is identifying key computing concepts in these disciplines, then developing and implementing tools and techniques that enable learning of both computing concepts and the concepts of the disciplines.

Through a series of four workshops, related online community discussions, and our own research, the LIKES community is discovering key computing related issues in core disciplines and engaging leaders nationwide in brainstorming about their computing (education) needs. This aids faculty members, in computing-related education programs, such as Computer Science and Information Systems Departments, and in core / liberal education courses, engage with each other to build the global Knowledge Society.LIKES

Deliverables include,

This transforming of education in computing-related disciplines will yield a next generation of builders and citizens of the Knowledge Society.

A partial report from the Virginia Tech conference can be found here.